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Swirls and Curls

Necklace Earrings and Bracelet by Suzanne Warner

First Place - Suzanne Warner, Tudor Rose

Curly Swirly Elephant by Katherine Walton

Runner Up - Katherine Walton, Renton Court

The Walls Have Eyes by Craig Neal

Highly Commended - Craig Neal, Marner House

Heart of Swirls and Curls by Elizabeth Herczeg

Highly Commended - Elizabeth Herczeg, Beechtree House

Fireworks Display by Johnathon Liltler

Jonathan Litler, Saxon Lodge

Freedom by Karen Webster

Karen Webster, Agricola House

Celebration by Kathy Chapman

Kathy Chapman, The Granary

Party by Katie Bourne

Katie Bourne, Cedars

World of Art by Katie Wickenden

Katie Wickenden, Stretton Lodge

Mistify by Matthew Rowett

Matthew Rowett, Melbreck

Sammys swirls by Samantha Farrant

Samantha Farrant, Cheveril Lane

Circles by Stephen Haddow

Stephen Haddow, Bridge Court

Dolls by Steven Wickenden

Steven Wikenden, Stretton Lodge

Party Popper by Thomas Wright

Thomas Wright, 36 West Street

Fireworks by Tim Perks

Tim Perks, Beverston Road

Van Gogh by Tracy Thorne

Tracy Thorne, Northfield House

Vals Art by Valerie Baker

Valerie Baker, 52 Wellington Road

At the Seaside by Wendy Clarke

Wendy Clarke, Maeres House

Colours Galore by Charlotte SeQueira

Charlotte SeQueira, Acorns

Life isnt about finding yourself its about creating yourself by Chris Haines

Chris Haines, Markham House

Swirls by Daniel Barrs

Daniel Barrs, Coalville Supported Living

Pasta Masta by Darren Lane

Darren Lane, Markham House

Curly by Derron Gooders

Derron Gooders, Melbreck

Curly Curls by Eve Morris

Eve Morris, Coleman Street

Going Deeper by Frances Ayul

Frances Ayul, 74 Sir Evelyn Road

Glorious Gowris Magnificent Art by Gowri K

Gowri K, Grove Resource Centre

The Kites by Langley House

Group Entry, Langley House

Ice Cream Surprise by Poachers Cottage

Group Entry, Poachers Cottage

Curly Wurly by Hannah Fulton Janine Holdsworth and Julie Pottage

Hannah Fulton, Janine Holdsworth and Julie Pottage, Bellfield Avenue

Ssspirals by Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy, Kenton House

Swirly Curly by James Dunn

James Dunn, Redbank House

Swirls in a Heart by Jane Walters

Jane Walters, 48 Cedar Road

Flowers in Vase by Jane Woodhams

Jane Woodhams, Birchwood Bungalow

Sunrise by Joci Edmunds

Joci Edmunds, Westbury

Swan by Barbara Elliott

Barbara Elliott, Birchwood Bungalow

Billys Masterpiece by Billy Martindale

Billy Martindale, Walkers Lodge

Brendas Curly Wurly by Brenda Walker

Brenda Walker, St Phillips Close

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