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On the Farm

Sabrina and Friends by The Discovery Centre 1

First Place - Group Entry, The Discovery Centre


Donkey by Louise Campbell

Runner Up - Louisa Campbell, Tudor Rose

Proud As A Peacock by Chris Haines

Highly Commended - Chris Haines, Markham House

Buttons The Pig by Helen Simms

Highly Commended - Helen Simms, Rugeley Day Service

Sheep by James Curwell

James Curwell, Lions Cross

Dodds Farm by James Dodd

James Dodd, Beck Farm

Farm House by Janet Moore

Janet Moore, 89 Mawney Road

Chloes Farm by Janine Holdsworth and Hannah Fulton and Julie Pottage

Janine Holdsworth, Hannah Fulton & Julie Pottage, Bellfield Avenue

My Favourite Animals by Joan Roberts

Joan Roberts, Gorse Hill

Tractor Silhouette by Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan Thompson

Lauras Farm by Laura Curtis

Laura Curtis, 14 St Catharines Square

Duck pond by Linda Broad

Linda Broad, Gracelands

Sea Horse by Marc Glendenning

Marc Glendenning, 31 Liphook Road

Collage Farm by Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan, Saxon Lodge

Cowhoo by Dal Singh

Dal Singh, Rugeley Day Service

Bluebird by Raymond Pitt

Raymond Pitt, The Granary

Rebeccas Farm by Becky Ward

Becky Ward, Redbank House

Steak and Kidney by Alan OGrady

Alan O'Grady, Maeres House

Orange Lamb by Chris Doe

Chris Doe, Forest Road

Animals by David Page

David Page, The Grange

Pink Pig Farm by David Sharp

David Sharp, Bellfield Avenue

Candyfloss by Donna Chilcott

Donna Chilcott, Wey House

Ba Ba by Doreen Best

Doreen Best, London Road

Old MacDonald by Gemma Dean

Gemma Dean, Cheveril Lane

Beauty Of The Nature by Geoffrey Kueeger

Geoffrey Kueeger, 351 Maidstone Road

Tommie and Charlie by Gillian Davison

Gillian Davison, Bewick House

Farm Animals by The Granary

Group Entry, The Granary

From The Farmhouse Window by Wey House

Group Entry, Wey House

My Day At The Farm by Hayley Clark

Hayley Clark, Saxon Lodge

Rainbow Sheep by Helen Downing

Helen Downing, Hillbrow

The Farm by Helen Jelley

Helen Jelley, 14 Maple Way

G-Lambing It Up by Jack Phillips

Jack Phillips, Quiet Waters

Red Rooster by Alistair Therwell

Alistair Therwell, 31 Liphook Road

Harry The Sheep by Samantha McKie

Samantha McKie, Lions Cross

Lamb Chop by Sharon Daniels

Sharon Daniels, Rugeley Day Service

Handsome Farmer by Susan Dixon

Susan Dixon, Byards Keep

Tiger Bunnry Trio by Susie Ward and Anthony Homewood

Susie Ward and Anthony Homewood, Westbury House

Walkers Farm by David Walker

David Walker, The Granary

On The Farm by Richard Sweet

Richard Sweet, Westleigh House

Down On The Farm by 52 Wellington Road

Group Entry, 52 Wellington Road

View of the Garden by Barbara Elliot

Barbara Elliot, Birchwood Bungalow

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