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Robinsons Cruise Ship by Paul Robinson 1

First Place - Paul Robinson, 46 Derby Road

Sailing To A Better Future by Chris Haines

Runner Up - Chris Haines, Markham House

The Langley House Boat by Langley House

Highly Commended - Group Entry, Langley House

Wind In The Sails by Brian Watson

Highly Commended - Brian Watson, Markham House

Sea Boat by Cyril Higgins

Cyril Higgins, Coleman Street

Day At Sea by Diane Prett

Diane Prett, Hillbrow

H.M.S. R. Cummin by Richard Cuming - Wider View

Richard Cuming, Renton Court

Summer Time by Rupan Sivanesan

Rupan Sivanesan, 2-4 Ling Crescent

Titanic by Steven Wickenden

Steven Wickenden, Stretton Lodge

Trudys Boat by Trudy Walker

Trudy Walker, 14 St Catharines Square

Horseie by Victor Dell

Victor Dell, Rakelands

Ship Ahoy by Zoe Woodcock

Zoe Woodcock, Redbank House

Regatta by Nicky Budden

Nicky Budden, 36 West Street

Two Folk In A Boat by Heather Rush

Heather Rush, Quiet Waters

Jamies Boat by Jamie Stott

Jamie Stott, 14 St Catharines Square

Jane by Jane Picking

Jane Picking, Cedars

Ferry Across The Humber by Julie Pottage

Julie Pottage, Bellfield Avenue

Boats and Flags by Katie Wickenden

Katie Wickenden, Stretton Lodge

Barging in Barnoldswick by Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley, Agricola House

RNLI by Neil Rowson

Neil Rowson, Willowbrook

By The Sea by Nicholas McHugh

Nicholas McHugh, Saxon Lodge

Peaceful by Adam Watson

Adam Watson, Cheveril Lane

Sparkly Sea by Amos Burke

Amos Burke, Melbreck

Boats and Ducks by Carly Wood

Carly Wood, 1 South Avenue

The Journey by Carol Kitchen

Carol Kitchen, Agricola House

Boat In The Seaside by Cathryn Wilkinson

Cathryn Wilkinson, 24 Uplands Road

Purple Octopus by Chantal Dener

Chantal Denyer, Camberley Cottage

Sunshine On The Beach by Chike Ibe

Chike Ibe, 351 Maidstone Road

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